Drijfgasloos, 360 graden te gebruiken!

Aerosols without propellants

BOV systems consist of an inner packaging (the bag) of mono material PET or laminate which has been welded onto a valve, a container that is made of metals or synthetics, a nozzle and a cap. Pressure, mechanical or air pressure, ensures an optimal degree of emptying.

A couple of advantages of BOV in comparison with classic aerosols:

  • all-attitude • dispensing (360º)
  • a constant spray pattern without pumping
  • a high degree of emptying
  • filling process takes place in a closed system
  • a longer shelf life with less preserving agents
  • reduce the risk of explosion and/or fire
  • lower storage and transportation requirements
  • prevent contamination of the finished product
  • excellent product protection
  • particle size always over 10 m?
  • Does not contain any flammable or harmful propellants