BiB, Outstanding co-packer ...

For more than twenty years, BiB has excelled in its role as co-packer and co-creator of spray systems based on natural pressure, without propellants. In collaboration with professional clients, BiB develops propellant-free spray systems that stand out in a crowded market place.

Handy, safe, outstanding and sustainable. The versatile Bag-on-Valve Aerosols and the unique AtmosSpray can be used for a wide range of final products with different viscosities such as creams, lotions, gels, alcoholic-based or water-based solutions, fats and oils.

BiB spray solutions are applied in several different market segments, such as the cosmetics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, animal care, plant protection, household care, outdoor products, the automotive industry and various industrial products.

BiB offers a full-service concept and together its employees have all expertise needed for developing spray systems. They carry out every step, from development to mixing and filling to distribution.

A modern, high-quality lab with state-of-the-art filling and control equipment (such as HPLC), support the entire development process as well as the mixing and filling process.

The products are filled with great precision using state-of-theart filling lines.

In brief: BiB delivers outstanding spray solutions with unique shelf propositions.