Bag-on-Valve aerosols. The USP’s …

No flammable or hazardous propellants

  • The spray can is no longer a “bomb”.
  • No use or release of flammable propellants.
  • Easier transport and storage in warehouses and shops.
  • No or lower VOC tax in Switzerland. And in the near future also in other countries.

No mixing of product with propellant

  • Optimal protection of your product.
  • No contamination.
  • The content is a net product.
  • A longer shelf life of the product with less preservatives.

Application at all angles. Even upside down

Perfect spray pattern

  • In many cases even better than a conventional spray can.
  • Much better than a pump or ‘trigger-bottle’, no leakage.
  • Constant spray pattern, without pumping.
  • Adjustable spray quantity and controllable particle size.

Environmentally friendly. Because filled with air

  • Our shared responsibility: Environment, health and safety.
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